How to get the job you want and love.
How to earn more and get the promotion you deserve.

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  • A resume writing process that unlocks your passions and links you to your ideal job.
  • Discover how to surpass the proverbial financial glass ceiling and grow your income.
  • A professional, industry standard resume template that communicates to recruiters.
  • Determine how a recruiter reads a resume and effectively position relevant information.
  • Access to ongoing professional career coaching and practical advice on growing your career.
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You want to get a promotion or earn a higher salary.

You feel that you deserve this.

“The only difference between a groove and a grave is the depth” – Feeling like you are in a career groove? The only person that can take charge of your career is you.

Let’s prove it.

The first step is to show management that the value you bring to the growth of the company and your team is worth that promotion and higher salary. You might feel angry and frustrated that this has not happened yet, but I want you to put the feelings aside. Look at your promotion like looking for a new job.

You need to clearly demonstrate how you have grown your skills, knowledge and experience and how you have become invaluable to the success of the company and the team. Remember that if you have worked in a team for a while, the people around you start taking you and your unique skills for granted. You need to JOLT them out of their “taking you for granted” state and make them aware of your value.

This starts with a process of clearly articulating your skills, your growth and your value.

The process we have developed guides you through this process by using a resume “as if you were looking for a new job.”

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The success of every company depends on the success of its people.

Through building many multimillion dollar companies and spending millions on people and team development we have come to understand the basic principles of a successful career.

From these principles we developed and refined a career success coaching system that have guided many individuals into million dollar per year careers.

Unre Visagie is the knowledge owner and with his team packaged his years of company and team building experience into this simple to follow process.

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  • Mail 1 : Welcome email and your professional resume template
  • Mail 2 : Writing a supporting Cover Letter
  • Mail 3 : Section one of your professional resume
  • Mail 4 : Section two of your professional resume
  • Mail 5 : Section three of your resume and summary
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