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This is not a quick fix resume system. Trust us to help you write a resume that works for you and find the job you love.

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I realised in my reflection that Unre's mentorship, support and examples have been key to my success. Without him I simply would not have been able to get started. He set me on my feet, guiding me to think like a business person, as well encouraging me to live my dream and achieve my potential. Leigh Harrison
Thanks to Unre I realised I had to take to charge of my own career or else somebody else will take charge of it for me, I would have become a slave to somebody else's ideas. In the last year I got three increases at an already high salary level. I apply every day what I learned from my coaching sessions and can never repay Unre for what he did. Nadine Stoltz

What Will You Achieve With The Ruthless Resume System?

At the end of the Ruthless Resume coaching series, you will have a personalized resume that gets you interviews

  • Recruiters Want to Feel They Know You

    If they do not get that comfortable feeling, your resume lands in the bin. We show you how to craft a resume that creates that comfortable feeling.

  • Create a Resume That Focus on Your Strengths

    This is what a recruiter really wants, and NOT general, unclear statements you guess should be in a resume.

  • Build a Resume That Proactively Sells You

    An effective resume creates urgency with the recruiter. They feel they must call you right now and setup an interview otherwise they might lose you to another company.

  • More Than Half of Resumes Gets Binned on Design

    There are usually hundreds of applicants for a position. More than half of resumes gets thrown out because of a badly written, badly designed and hard to read resume. Our templates stop that from happening.

  • The Key to a Successful Resume is Attitude!

    You need to show a deep understanding for the job you are applying for and confidence in yourself that you can do that job. The Ruthless Resume prepares you for both.

  • Identify & Communicate Your Strengths

    Do you own your resume? Anybody can write a standard boring resume for you, but only you really know you. Our Golden Thread process helps you identify and communicate your strengths effectively.

  • Get Consistent Promotions

    The Ruthless Resume process is a natural process you can apply for the rest of your career. The process will continue to serve you, ensuring you get consistent promotions and salary increases.

  • Get an Effective Online Reputation

    Forget about landing a good job if your online reputation is bad. We show you what to focus on to get your online profile job-search-ready. Use your Ruthless Resume to update your online resume and get automatic job offers you really want.

  • The Ruthless Resume Process Creates Job Security

    You identify and effectively communicate your strengths with examples and references. This shows the recruiter that you can get the job done and will continue to do so when hired.

  • Feel Confident in Your Interviews

    People who write a standard “same old” resume feels threatened and scared when they enter the interview. The Ruthless Resume process helps you feel confident and and safe before you walk into the interview.

Just A Few of The Powerful Benefits You Get...

Write a resume that gets noticed

On average your resume has 6 seconds before it end up in the bin. Remember that recruiters sometimes scan hundreds of resumes for a position. Your resume needs to have the correct flow and keywords so that it ends up on the interview pile and not in the trash.

Remove resume writing frustration

One of the biggest frustrations our career coaching clients experience when writing their resume is knowing where to start. What does a recruiter want to know about you? We help you gather the information recruiters expect and give you resume templates that guide you.

Industry standard resume templates

All resume templates are Microsoft Word ready and fully editable. These are the templates recruiters expect. Give the recruiter a template they are familiar with and can read easily.

Keep your resume goal focused

You must clearly articulate your career goals before you start writing one word of your resume. Once you have that clear, you must craft your resume to fit the with the company and position you are applying for. We show you how...

Successful Professionals That Use The Ruthless Resume System

A few weeks ago I was in a terrible place. I was frustrated, full of fear, had run out of options, and felt I had nowhere left to go – a really BAD space. Unre, within 6 hours, kickstarted a process of turning this around completely – through what I like to think of as an intervention. He did solid situational coaching and made me aware of options I didn’t even know existed. 3 weeks on, and my life has literally taken a 180-degree turn for the better, I feel relaxed, in control of my life again, confident and full of positive energy. The journey has just begun – here’s to my coach, mentor and councillor – thanks Unre! Llewelyn Venter,
In the last sixteen years I went from classic rural location with no access to the world to running a high salary job, ownership of my own future, I am not a victim anymore. I was in a cage with no access, I am now managing my own career and am in control of what I earn. I also am building a property portfolio and a fully developed profitable internet service cafe for my community using the principles Unre taught me. Goodman Mavuso,
The process guided me to better understand my contributions within teams, my interpersonal strengths and to become aware of the areas of functioning I can improve on. I have a resume that communicates the culmination of applied experiences, lessons aligned with the employer’s specific needs, making my choice of company and ability to satisfy their requirements a no brainer! Andrew Visagie,
Once I understood my clear patterns of decision making and choices and updated my resume I attracted a job. The process helped me move to a new city of choice without having to go job hunting. Deon Stroebel,

The Resume Selection Process

Write a resume that ends up with an interview and not in the bin...

Don't Ask How Much Money You Get

Show How Much Value You Bring

Get Hired Every Time

We show you how.

Trust us to help you write a resume that gets you interviews:

In-depth coaching videos

We take you by the hand and guide you step by step through the process of writing a resume that gets you the interview.

Practical, professional workbooks

They make it easy for you to get the information ready for your resume, because every resume is unique. Its like having a pro career coach guide you through the process.

Industry ready, professional resume templates

We know what recruiters want. We take the guesswork out of how to complete your template with easy to follow instructions.

Private Coaching Sessions

Because any career choice have an impact on the rest of your life, we make private coaching available. Connect with a professional coach for that extra level of resume clarity and career growth.

Ask questions and get help in the Q&A section

We offer ongoing personal help and support in the Q&A section, available to ALL members.

Ongoing career coaching

Once you get the job, we help you keep your job and ensure you get ongoing promotions and earn more money.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you're not happy with Ruthless Resume for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we'll happily refund your money

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconIs Ruthless Resume a monthly recurring payment to use this system?

    No! Ruthless Resume is a one-time fee. Pay once and you have access for life.

  • q-iconDo you provide support if I get stuck using The Ruthless Resume process?

    Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your challenges.  We obviously can’t build your resume for you, but we’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get past any issues you have

  • q-iconWill you help me write my resume?

    We cannot write your resume for you because only you know you the best. But once you have completed your resume book a Private Coaching session for a professional review and help.

  • q-iconWhat makes Ruthless Resume different from other resume systems?

    Most resume systems focus on generic data and help you complete your resume without getting to know you and your strengths. The Ruthless Resume system focus on getting your work related strengths and your passion articulated before we start writing your resume. Why is this important? Because if a recruiter do not feel they are getting to know you personally in your resume, they simply throw your resume in the trash.