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Resume Summary Examples

By on August 8, 2012
Blog post - Resume summary examples

Your resume summary have one goal:

Introducing you to the recruiter and convincing them that you are the right person for the job and they should continue reading.

If you sound like every other resume summary then your resume will just end up in the dreaded resume bin.

Recruiters sometimes read thousands of resumes for a specific position. If your cover letter convinced them to read your resume, then your resume summary must convince them to continue reading. (Also see Writing Your Resume Objective)

Resume summary examples that focus on attention grabbing keywords

Watch this coaching video or scroll down for the text.


Write a resume summary using company related keywords.

Here are a text summary of what is discussed in the video:

A good summary includes the following:
  • Your summary gets distilled out of your resume directly applicable to the specific industry, company and job you are applying for.
  • Your list transferable skills most applicable to the position you are applying for.
  • Your past work experiences that will enrich the team you will work with in the new position.
  • Yhow your interest and enthusiasm for the industry and job.
  • Help the recruiter to understand how you made decisions in the past.
  • In the Ruthless Resume system we help you identify your unique decision making processes.
Example 1 – For management job
  • Are you going for a level change and a position that will stretch your growth? Why do you feel you are ready for this?
  • Are you doing a horizontal move? Why are you doing this?
  • Wrong: “I was manager for a team” vs. Correct: “I was responsible for a team and I took them from “here” to “here” – replace with your words.
Example 2 – For expert job
  • Are you going for a level change and a position that will stretch your growth? Why do you feel you are ready for this?
  • Are you doing a horizontal move? Why are you doing this?
  • Wrong: I am skilled in “this.” vs. Correct: I mastered a certain skill and it came to profit and delivered “this” the clients.
Example 3 – Entry level job
  • People tend to emphasize their education and leave their experience out.
  • Wrong: “This is my qualifications and hobbies” Right: “I participated in teams while studying and I participated in my hobbies, I mastered the following skills “list your skills” and I was responsibility for clear results. – Remember the recruiter needs to feel comfortable.

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  1. Kumar

    August 19, 2012 at 9:43 am

    I do not think that video resumes are the next gaernetion of recruitment. Actually, if they do anything, they relinquish even more control from the candidate in successfully placing themselves in a position to get a job. You might ask why, let’s think about it:1. Video resumes release even more information that may or may not represent you correctly. This gives the screener (normally not the hiring manager) just more reasons to screen you from the process without ever being seen by the hiring authority.2. How well do you really present on camera. Not very many people are good actors, and even the best actors look and act nothing like when they are on screen. Why would you want a representation of yourself floating around that might not be flattering?3. What to say? Resumes are direct, simple, easy to read and should move the hiring manager to want to call you and schedule an in person meeting. Why meet you when they have seen your video. Maybe they do not like what you have on in the video, maybe they think the content you covered does not address your needs, maybe your communication style on video is much different than in person. All reasons to screen you out of the process.Bottom line nothing will ever be able to replace human interface and contact. Communication is more than 60% non-verbal and the best communicators act and re-act to their audience in a manner that makes everyone feel comfortable. Taping yourself in a general video and sending it out is as effective as sending your demo out and expecting a casting agent to call you. And we all know how many people want to be actors and never make it. Do you want to bet your career on those kind of odds?

    • Unre Visagie

      August 27, 2012 at 12:32 pm

      Hi Kumar

      We do not advocate “video resumes” I am not sure what your comment is about. Could you please clarify?

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