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By on July 11, 2012
Blog post - Internship resume

What you need to know when writing a resume for an internship.

There are a few crucial differences between a “normal” professional resume and a resume specifically aimed at getting you an internship.

The goal of an internship resume is to help the recruiter get to know you.

He/she must feel very comfortable that you are a perfect fit for the company. Because you have little or no practical work experience, you must tell the recruiter the story of your life in such a way that they get to know you and can see you will be a good fit for the company. (Also watch, “How to write a resume with no experience.”)

Here is how you write a resume for internship

Watch the coaching video or scroll down to read the text.

Are you struggling to get your resume noticed?

The most important thing to remember with an internship resume is that you must help the recruiter to get to know you very well.

Focus on the following areas to make your internship resume stand out above the rest:

Know the industry and company
  • Give very specific information about why the industry and company attracts you.
  • Really show the interviewer you are interested in that specific company by mentioning company specific keywords
  • If you have them, mention references in that company that will give more comfort to the recruiter
Help the recruiter to get to know you
  • Talk about family / school / study / sport / work activities that overlap with the kind of activities you will perform during the internship
  • It is just as important to avoid the wrong internship
  • Talking about your past involvements will help the recruiter understand how you might behave in the future
Why you should add hobbies to your internship resume
  • Tells the recruiter about you, helps them to get to know you better
  • In Golden Thread preparation you must get prepared to be asked about good and bad situations and you must practise your response
Resume must be clear on personal traits
  • Are you more focused on people, things or tasks
  • How did you participate in family / school / study / temp jobs
  • Where did you get involved?
Open resources to help you get words that describe you

These resources will help you get words that describe you. Remember that these aptitude tests are guidelines for what your strengths are. Do not use them as “the ultimate” description of you, rather see them as ways to help you identify what your strengths are and in which internship and eventually career you will excel.

This post guides you on what to add to a normal professional resume, also watch “How to write a resume” for the details not covered in this post and video.

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