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Latest Resume Format

By on August 11, 2012
Blog post - Latest Resume Format

The latest resume format have two critical areas:

  • Be sure that the position you are applying for don’t have a specific resume format
  • If they do not then use the classic resume format, most recruiters expect this format
  • Below is an image of the classic “latest” resume format

Recruiting and the way we look for jobs are changing rapidly. The Internet revolutionised the way recruiters approach recruiting. For example, you must have your Linked-In profile professionally published. You must have some of your Facebook profile public while job hunting.

That said. Most recruiters expect a specific resume format. Download the “Eye Tracking Report” on the sidebar to learn exactly how recruiters read your resume. We also discuss the most important parts of your resume format.

Here is how you approach your resume format

Watch the video or scroll down for the text summary

The text summary of the video:

There is no one single format, resumes are changing and you should change with it.
  • Resume is situational, communicating to the specific position you are applying for.
  • Competition is increasing and has moved online, like Linked-In
  • Your web reputation is very important, since the first thing they do is to Google you. In the Ruthless Resume System, we cover this in detail. Link below in description.
  • The classic formal resume that states experience, education (QBE) and hobbies remains.
Preparation for resumes
  • The recruiter wants to understand how you made decisions in the past.
  • Ask the people closest to you what they feel was strong points and which areas you need to work on.
  • Talk to those you worked with and do the same.
  • Also get the people’s input that reported to you, if applicable.
  • Remember, get your information ready, give them something they can criticize. It is easier to for people to talk about something than to originate.
  • We call this the Golden Thread. For the full Golden Thread list of questions, check out the Ruthless Resume system, also link in the description.
  • Giving comfort to the recruiter, do not let them guess.
  • Resume eye tracking research shows the following (grab your free report on the sidebar)
    • You have between 6 and 15 seconds to grab the recruiters attention.
    • Using the classic chronological resume format remains the best format out of all.
    • No pictures of yourself on your resume, it subtracts from the focus.
Fit to the industry, company and job
  • Having prepared your resume information, you have to craft it to communicate in the specific situation.
  • Do online research on the company and use keywords they use in your resume and cover letter.
Below is a sample of the classic resume format.
  • In our Ruthless Resumes System, we give you exact guidance on what information to put in your resume.
  • We also give you fully editable resumes in Microsoft Word document format.
  • We tell you exactly what goes where.


Professional Resume Templates

What recruiters expect in a professional resume format

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  1. Melanita

    August 20, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Very interesting information. Just wondering if you think tools like LinkedIn public profiles and/or Visual CV resumes ( could eliminate the need for cover letters. Including links to public profiles could be beneficial to job candidates. Maybe you can address that in a separate post.

    • Unre Visagie

      August 27, 2012 at 12:34 pm

      Nothing replaces a good cover letter Melanita. But in todays Internet age, you MUST have your online identity sorted out. If a recruiter is interested in you, based on your cover letter and resume, they will do an online search using your full name.

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