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How to Prepare a Resume

By on August 9, 2012
Blog post - How to prepare a resume

The critical aspects ONLY to prepare your winning resume.

  • Align your resume with the position and company
  • Use the classic format if no format specified
  • Give the recruiter comfort
  • How does a recruiter read your resume
  • Develop your Golden Thread data

These are the critical things we discuss in the video. Remember, the only purpose of your resume is to get you the interview. Focus on helping the recruiter to get to know you personally. (Also see “How to Write a Resume“)

Here is the video on how to prepare a resume.

Scroll down for the text summary of the video.


Only focus on information that will help the recruiter get to know how you made decisions in the past.

Here is the text summary of the video:

Align your resume with the companies resume expectations.
  • Check online or call the companies HR department and ensure that they do not expect your resume in a specific format.
Three components of a resume.
  • Classic formal, include your chronological experience and education and hobbies.
  • What did you master in your previous position and the results you achieved. Give the recruiter comfort.
  • Cover letter that gets the attention of the recruiter – screams and shouts.
  • Resume reading eye tracking research shows the following (grab your free report on the sidebar ->

    • You have between 6 and 15 seconds to grab the recruiters attention.
    • Using the classic chronological resume format remains the best format out of all.
    • No pictures of yourself on your resume, it subtracts from the focus.
Develop your Golden Thread data
  • We work through your Golden Thread data in extreme detail in the Ruthless Resume process.
  • How did you make decisions.
  • Get this information by talking to, family, friends, people you reported to and people that reported to you / worked with you.
  • We go into much deeper detail on which questions to ask when developing your Golden Thread information in the Ruthless Resume system. Link in description below.

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