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How to Create a Professional Resume

By on August 7, 2012
Blog post - How to create a professional resume

Your professional resume have only one purpose:

Convince the recruiter that you are a candidate for an interview!

In this coaching / interview video we discuss exactly how to write a professional resume.

We discuss topics like:

  • What to prepare for your resume
  • How to prepare to write your resume
  • Getting your Golden Thread information
  • Help the recruiter to get to know you

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Write a professional resume that GRABS attention!

Watch this coaching / discussion video or scroll down for the text summary.

VERY important!

Get your information and personal story ready before you start writing your resume.

Here is the text summary of the video:

Writing a pro resume starts with professional preparation.

What to prepare

The recruiter wants to recruit someone that will bring a stable contribution to the company and team.

Your resume information must be verifiable, reference able and factual.

How to prepare

Getting the information that you require for a professional resume:

Step One

Ask the people you have worked for, reported to, people you have worked with in the same team, and if applicable people that worked for you or reported to you. Also talk to your family and friends.

Part of asking is to be ready to share about yourself. Share what you think so that they have something to differ with or agree with. Easy for us to differ, but hard to originate.

Questions to ask:

People you reported to:

What was positive and what was negative. Negative might be uncomfortable, but it is very important. This will help the recruiter understand how you managed negative situations in the past.

People that reported to you:

What did they enjoy about your management style. What do they feel you can do differently.

Family and friends:

You can get more personal here. Ask them what they think are your strong points and which areas they feel need work relating to your job.

Use tools to help you highlight and identify strengths.

Professional assessment, lots of online assessments you can use.

Unre, in your private coaching sessions you came to call the above two steps your Golden Thread information.

In the Ruthless Resume System we guide you in much deeper step by step detail to find your professional resume information.

What to avoid when writing your professional resume.
  • Recruiter do not have time to verify, your words must verify themselves.
  • Reading your words must give the recruiter comfort.
  • Avoid generic words that can be true for anyone – remain factual and specific to you.
  • Do not make assumptions. Reference what you say about yourself. The less specific you are the more you fall into the trap of sounding like everybody else.
  • Don’t say something as if it is automatically true, write down verification information right there.
Resume layout guidelines
  • Resume reading eye tracking research shows the following
  • You have between 6 and 15 seconds to grab the recruiters attention.
  • Using the classic chronological resume format remains the best format out of all.
  • No pictures of yourself on your resume, it subtracts from the focus.

The most important part of your resume is to get your information 100% ready. Then you may decide to write the resume yourself or give your first version resume to a professional resume writer.

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