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Allen’s Story of Success

By on October 28, 2014

First we want to congratulate Allen on finding his ideal job and getting that great salary!

Allen joined Ruthless Resume 23rd of February 2014.

At the stage Allen joined RR he has been doing temporary work for 7 months and looking for more permanent employment with no luck. Allen said at that point he was feeling extremely despondent.

Unre, our Master Coached started engaging with Allen on February the 30th.

Allen explained to Unre that he has been sending his old resume to many different companies, but getting no response whatsoever, no calls for interviews.

The first version of Allen’s newly created Ruthless Resume got him an interview on the 13th of March.

Following the process Unre taught him, Allen got many different interviews with different companies, kept on following the processes and tools he was learning in the private coaching and updating his resume. Allen followed the process Unre taught him the coaching sessions that it is even more important to understand what kind of work to say no to. (Remembering that to hate the work you do is almost as bad as not having a job!)

In his coaching sessions Allen got to understand this and with each interview he learned more about himself and what he wanted from the company he joins and the work he wants to do.

What was the big change Allen made to his resume?

The final version of his Ruthless Resume communicated in an easily verifiable way what Allen could do, his work experience.

His first resumes did not communicate to the goals of the company and the needs of the companies clients.

Here is what one manager said:

The general manager could not say enough about the style of my resume.
He said the more he read it the more he wanted to read it.
“It kept answering questions” he said…
“Was probably the best resume I had read in years”
“It kept my attention”!

Another manager said the following:

I felt like I really got to know you in your resume, the interview was only to meet you face to face, your resume already convinced me that I had to hire you.



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