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Business Builder and Career Coach

I am a successful business owner, retired multi-millionaire, and currently coach people into careers they love, where many earn a million dollars plus each year.

Unre Visagie is the owner and creator of the Ruthless Resume System.

He is a entrepreneur that built successful million dollar companies. He sold these companies and effectively “retired”. For the past 10 years he has been using his years of experience to see people like you succeed in business, careers and studies.

Unre studied at Harvard Business School. He recently received the Chancellors Medal Award for entrepreneurship from North West University. With his team he developed the Career Guidance course for UNISA (one of the biggest universities in the world) with Professor. Inge P. Sonnekus and the Entrepreneurial Guide for the AHI with Professor. Japie Kroon.

You are here to get the job you want and write the resume that will get you that job.

With his team, Unre have hundreds find and then build careers they love and earn large salaries every year. In the companies Unre built he to hire big teams and read and scanned through thousands of resumes, he interviewed hundreds of people and hired just as many. He knows what an attention-grabbing resume looks like.

In Unre’s own words:

I have worked with too many people that wish they spent more time and money on their resume before they started sending them out into the world to work for them. “It’s just the rest of your life” comes to mind every time I work with these frustrated clients. Think about it, a good resume can be the driving force to land you the perfect job and play a huge role in determining how happy you will be, doing the work you love, for the next few years! You work at least eight hours every day; we spend more time at work than anywhere else! Do you really want to end up in a job where you are unhappy or “just working for the money”?

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That’s why we developed a resume writing system that helps you write a resume that get’s you noticed for the right positions…and help the wrong positions ignore you. The one big secret to a winning resume is telling your story in such a way that the recruiter cannot ignore you. Telling your story so that the recruiter feel like they already know you and feel they personally know you. Making a hiring decision becomes a simple matter. We call this the “Golden Thread” and we help you develop yours in our video coaching system called “The Ruthless Resume System”

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If you are not ready to commit to our professional resume writing system, then you will find many very helpful resources on this blog. Here are a few coaching videos to get you started:

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We are here to help you find the job of your dreams!

Unre and Team